Disciplined Consultation to Maintain Your Course

We strive to establish and maintain a professional "fit" with every new and existing client relationship — it's the foundation for trust and long-term success. This is initially accomplished by mutually affirming that Winship Capital Management is capable of serving your best interests, and that you will empower us to succeed on your behalf.

We achieve this through a consultative process in which we listen with great care to learn about your financial objectives and personal goals. It is a rigorous,ongoing discipline of articulating your needs, enabling us to develop a strategic plan for addressing the critical financial events during your lifetime.

Our approach is multigenerational — we serve as a sounding board for all client relations — a distinctive service we take great pride in providing.

Understanding Your Needs

As a client, you are our only priority, so it is important that we know you and your family, focusing on unique circumstances, future goals, ongoing concerns and aspirations. During this phase, we gather extensive information and begin discussing the strategies and services required to fulfill your planning objectives.

Designing Your Plan

Depending on your situation, the strategy we develop may address just a single objective — from establishing a trust to benefit a child with special needs, to monetizing a concentrated equity position.

You may require a more complex solution — perhaps positioning and selling your business, then deploying the proceeds, together with other investable assets, to deliver the income you need to retire comfortably.

Or you may be in need of multiple solutions: not only selling your business and developing an effective plan for retirement, but establishing a charitable trust to fund your philanthropic desires.

Our team will analyze the information you've shared with us and design solutions intended to help you reach your objectives. We prepare and present recommendations to you, answer your questions, consider alternatives and outline the strategic steps needed to achieve your goals.

Implementing Your Financial Plan

In this phase, we will help you execute the decisions you have made, collaborating with other outside professionals — attorneys, accountants or trust officers — to properly execute effective management solutions. Based on the previous steps of the advisory process, your plan will factor in multiple assumptions and personal criteria that will be monitored over time.

While your investment portfolio represents only one aspect of your total financial plan, it is, of course, an essential component. We will work with you to carefully design an appropriate asset allocation strategy based on your overall risk profile, to optimize asset class diversification. Once this is achieved, we will recommend asset managers selected through sophisticated methodology as we build the required investment portfolios on your behalf.

Managing Plan Solutions

This is an evolving process in which we monitor the progress of your investments in the context of your goals and periodically review all relevant information with you. It will require adjusting the components of each solution in light of your changing circumstances and multiple objectives.

If economic and financial circumstances warrant, we may also recommend tactical changes to your portfolio — for example, "harvesting" tax losses or taking advantage of emerging opportunities — while still adhering to your long-term goals.

A key part of this discipline involves meeting with our clients regularly in order to discuss and facilitate any necessary adjustments to their financial plans. A planned communication schedule allows us to revisit objectives and assess that we are properly aligned with your future objectives.